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In today’s global markets, organizations must react swiftly and respond effectively to opportunities and challenges. Yet many companies today are held back by their reliance on yesterday’s communications technologies.  Their workers still engage in phone and e-mail tag, resulting in lost productivity and delayed decision-making. They incur travel expenses and costly long distance charges to communicate with colleagues physically separated by location or time zone, driving up operations budgets.

Hosted Microsoft OCS helps organizations solve these challenges. It goes beyond simple Instant Messaging. Hosted OCS provides your organization with real-time communications capabilities including feature rich secure Instant Messaging and “presence” awareness. Presence enables users to see at a glance if someone is available online to collaborate.

Reduce Cost

  • Reduce Travel and Training Costs with Web conferencing that connect participants with meetings or “events” where they do not need to be physically present. Pre-sales work, internal meetings, training and staff performance reviews require less travel.
  • Lower Real-Estate and Facility Costs using collaborative technologies. Organizations can expand operations and geographic reach without the costs of additional office infrastructure.
  • Reduce Conferencing Charges by sharing your desktop easily. Save time as presence awareness results in better directed emails, fewer telephone calls because callers can see the availability of intended recipients and recipients can determine rules for how they wish to be reached.

Increase Productivity

  • Improve User and Team Productivity by making it easier to contact colleagues for information, check for messages, and work securely while out of the office.
  • Faster Project Completion through improved communication within project teams.
  • Attract and Retain Top Workforce Talent by supporting a flexible working environment and providing leading-edge workplace tools for an enhanced working experience.

Improve Business Outcomes

  • Shorten Sales Cycle Times through collaboration on sales presentations and speedy responses to customer questions. Presence awareness allows salespeople to find the subject matter experts they need to answer questions quickly and easily, which can reduce time spent on proposals and responding to customer questions. These advantages can increase the number of proposals delivered and won.
  • Faster Resolution of Customer Issues by enhanced communication between customer service and subject matter experts through presence awareness, call forwarding, and other tools, means customer issues can be resolved quickly.



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